Insured domestic and commercial cleaning services in Sydney

Entrust your cleaning needs in Sydney to our professional and licensed experts. We offer a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services in your area, including:

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the method we use in Sydney to make your textured surfaces look like new.

Carpet cleaning

Whether you have standard carpeting or a gentle and rare rug, our carpet cleaners in Sydney offer expert carpet cleaning with guaranteed results.


Whether you have a couch, sofa or an armchair, our upholstery cleaning team in Sydney will make them look like new.

Mattress cleaning

Your mattresses also need extra care twice a year. Our mattress cleaning service will take care of the vacuuming, stain removal and disinfection of your bed.

Curtain cleaning

Our curtain cleaning service in Sydney will take excellent care of all your curtains, drapes and blinds.

Carpet Repairing & Streching

Carpet repairing and stretching can really improve your carpet’s condition if done by a professional. Wise Cleaning offers just that!

Tile and grout cleaning

The tile and grout cleaning machines we wield in Sydney will significantly improve the condition of your tiles.

Pest control

Wise Cleaning can help you deal with a wide range of pests too – ants, cockroaches, termites, rodents, and more!

Flood damage

Floods come and go unexpected, leaving tremendous damage. Our flood damage repair service will help you fix that!